Monday, September 14, 2009

Hand Made News

Save the World One Hand Made Object at a Time
September 14, 2009 Written by Tracy Hepler
Can buying hand made save the world? The people at Etsy Earth certainly think so and with good reason. Buying hand made often means supporting local artists, small business and minimizing your impact on the planet (since hand made items do not create anywhere near the amount of pollution that mass produced items do).
So what can you buy hand made?
A whole lot: From skincare products (this month’s ydt invite a friend giveaway includes hand made soap), to jewelry, clothing, picture frames, photographs, notebooks and more. Most of the sellers in the hand made movement are micro business owners with immense love and passion for what they do (can’t say the same for your mass produced frame from Target).
At ydt, we are personally inspired by the hand made movement because it encourages us to a take a step back from constantly buying “stuff” to supporting an act of creativity while also lessening your carbon footprint through the purchase (compared to buying it through a big retailer).
Want to learn more about the Hand Made Movement?
Watch Handmade Nation – a documentary that chronicles the growth of the independent craft movement that is happening across America right now.
Check out Etsy – Etsy is a mecca for all things hand made. We’re being fans of Etsy Earth (an Etsy team dedicated to supporting Earth Friendly Products), Eco Esty ( Etsy sellers dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling) and Etsy Organic (a team dedicated to supporting items that use at least 25% organic content).
Take the Buy Hand Made Pledge. Next time you need to get a gift or purchase something, see if there is a viable hand made option. Not only will you be doing good, you’ll show off how culturally connected you are (j/k—but you’ll definitely show that you’re an out of the box thinker).
If you need more inspiration, check out this video as to why you should buy hand made. Even better, if you have a creative idea to make yourself, get in on Etsy and join in the movement.

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