Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Zealand Week

Handmade Maori Motif Silver Bracelets

Maori Motifs & Designs tastefully formed into sterling silver Bracelets handmade for your enjoyment, and symbolize Maori and other Pacific cultures...

Handmade Maori Motif Silver Jewelry... All of these New Zealand Maori and Pacific Island jewelry designs are created in sterling silver. Each item is individually hand made piece of jewelry of the highest quality. The silver is at least 93% to 95% silver combined with pure copper. Jewelry is considered sterling when it contains 92.5% silver in its production. All silver must be mixed with another metal to be used as wearable jewelery, otherwise it is too soft.
Designate The Symbol Of The Beginning Of Life... Many of these designs are universal in their shape and meaning. We find them in many indigenous cultures. Most designate the symbol of the beginning of life.
Symbolize Not Only The Maori Design But To Include The Thought & Concepts Of All Cultures... "It is the intention of these handmade Maori motif sterling silver jewelry creations to symbolize not only the Maori design but to include the thought and concepts of all cultures".
Offer This Positive Energy In All They Do And Hope... "The wearer is given this positive energy from ages gone by and re-created for the present in the purity of silver. To all who wear one of these handmade Maori motif silver jewelry creations, we offer this positive energy in all they do and hope they will accept it and pass it on whenever possible to those around them." This makes them very valuable, and unique.

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